Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfilment. - Pearl S. Buck
Well hello, my name is Chenel. I am 31 years old, married and have a little boy, Tayden, who is 3 years old and a little girl, Carrera, who is 1 year old. I studied at the University of Lincoln (many moons ago) and got a BA (Hons) in Fashion Studies. Ok, now that we have the formalities out of the way, welcome to my blog. The last 4 years of my life have been very much focused on having my babies and setting up home  and I have loved every minute of it!

I considered setting up a blog when I first fell pregnant with my baby boy but I didn’t quite have the confidence.

There hasn’t been many opportunities, of late, to express myself creatively and I’ve missed this. I actually do have interests and opinions on things other than, nappies, baby food and what surface cleaner to use around the house. I’ve read a lot about how mums can lose a part of themselves and morph into fulfilling the roles of wife and mother and of course this comes with great satisfaction but we also need to be us!

In my younger years, I portrayed myself very much through fashion. Studying was brilliant and it gave me a platform to live & breathe fashion. I wa able to explore my own style, of course not always getting it right, but enjoying the experimentation and never apologising for it.

Every time I saw an inspired new dress by Roberto Cavalli or read an interest arousing article in Vogue my creative impulses would flow and I’d get sketching.

I want to feel that again.

So here I am. With my cIMG_7919reative juices flowing, I begin my blog.

But this blog won’t just be about what fashion & trends I like but also lifestyle & travel.

Finally, of course, when talking about fashion a hot topic is diet and fitness.

Recently, I got quite down about my still carrying some pounds of baby weight. So I will be posting about what I am doing to try and shed this to get back to what I am happy with this.

But I will stress, I’m not talking about giving everybody tips on how to be skinny, but I want the focus to be on us leading healthy lifestyles and being happy with the skin we’re in, whatever our shape or size. After all, whether a size 8 or 18 we all have insecurities!

I want to share my journey as I look at different people. their shape, style and lifestyle. What excites them, what makes them tick.

My hope is that as I share my inspiration it will inspire people to find beauty in themselves.

I welcome constructive comments and feedback on my posts.

So lets see where this goes……..


  1. Cher Roberts 21st August 2015 at 12:34 pm Reply

    Great idea and looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • cheneladmin 21st August 2015 at 8:22 pm Reply

      Ah thanks 🙂 loads more to come

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