I want to explore new makeup and skincare products on the market, hubby is working from home, baby girl is sleeping, so I escape out for a quick lone, mummy time shopping trip.

I love shopping by myself. It’s not very often I get to browse without toddlers whining they’re bored. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping with the kids but it’s nice for a change to be solo, especially when I find my unspent store gift cards (where I’ve missed the return date,I like to think of it as a savings account as opposed to a missed return opportunity) and money off vouchers! Let the guilt free shopping begin 😊

My Mummy Time Shopping Trip

First stop is Costas for a vanilla latte, Mummy time wouldn’t be the same without it yummy!!!

I have ventured out with a specific list in mind of what products I need, what I want to browse and where I have gift cards and vouchers for. Note to self! MUST NOT DEVIATE FROM THE LIST 😂

mummy time shopping trip Costa coffee

Top swatch – Revlon lip butter in popping pink shade 1 Middle swatch – Revlon lip butter in vintage rose shade Bottom Swatch – Revlon matt lip butter in marshmallow pink shade 1

I’ve been looking for a nice moisturising lip balm stick but I just can’t seem to to find the right shade, although I didn’t come away with any Revlon had a nice few ones.

I also had a little look at Tescos own makeup brand BD trade secrets, has anyone tried this? What do you think?

Before you ask, yes I deviated from the list lol but look at the BARGAINS I got!

mummy time shopping trip New Look scarves

New Look, 1. £7, 2. £7.50 (in the sale)


I’ve been looking for some nice flat ancle boots and I picked these up. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I had a little dilemma as to which ones I should keep. Welll  I kinda kept both lol, but they were quite a steal.

mummy time shopping trip cream Tesco angle boots

Tesco £24.99

mummy time shopping trip New Look angle boots

New Look £14.99 (in the sale)

I’m slowly building up my skincare range, trying different products and finding my favourites. So I went over to No.7 at Boots and had a browse through their skincare products. They have a great mixture of products for all skin types and  ages, meaning you’ll definitely be able to find one to suit you. The consultants are alway so so helpful and happy to chat about all the different products. Amy who helped me today, was also brilliant at making sure I understood all of the promotions on at the moment and how I  could mix them to get the best saving! You can use their products with all other makeup brands, so they’re very versatile, not to mention, very reasonably priced.

 mummy time shopping trip No7 skincare products

Makeup In The Picture Above

No7 makeup brush cleanser £8

No7 youthful replenishing facial oil £23

No7 instant illusions rapid radiance balm £17

No7 Men energising moisturiser £8.95

I was looking for a good serum or oil that I could use over night to replenish and rehydrate my skin. I was given a sample of the Clarins HydraQuench Intensive serum Bi-Phase and it’s gorgeous but at £43, for a 30ml bottle, it’s a little pricey. At almost half the price I am trying the No7 replenishing facial oil as an alternative. I simply gently warm a couple of drops in my fingertips, before applying to my face. It goes on lovely.

mummy time shopping trip No7 voucher

I used this voucher along with their 3for2 offer on No7 skincare and saved myself almost £17. This promotion has finished now, but keep your eyes peeled, they have this on very regularly.

I loved my Mummy time. What do you do to wind down? Please comment 🙂

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