We lead such busy lives. There’s always somewhere to be rushing to, someone to text back, a phone call to make, a load of washing to put on, a school run to do. But I’m really trying to take a moment to breathe. Just a small, quiet moment, to think, to take some time.

Take A Moment To Breathe

The thing is, as I’ve gotten older, I seem to easily get bogged down and over whelmed with the responsibilities and demands of every day life. Sometimes constantly trying to make every minute of the day as productive as it can be and making sure I’m being the best parent and wife I can be, can often consume my mind and energy. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to be productive and mindful of how we can have the best relationships we can have with those nearest and dearest to us, but i occasionally allow it to take up so much of my mind, I wear myself out and end up being less productive, girl figure! My attention span has severely diminished since having my two little rugrats and even loosing myself in a book is a thing of the past.

I am however on a new endeavour to try and expand my attention span and ignite the mind that actually once achieved a Bachelors Degree 🙂

take a moment to breathe

take a moment to breathe

I had a lovely weekend away with the family and I consciously took every moment I could to admire the beauty of my surroundings.

You may be able to relate when I say, at times it feels there is more bad news than good. It’s at these times that it’s difficult to stay positive.

So, let’s remember to look at the detail in life! Looking at the picture above. Take a woodland walk and inspect each and every individual leaf, look up at the clouds, the silhouette the trees make against a clear blue sky, the peace, the fresh air.

It’s so important to center ourselves.

take a moment to breathe
take a moment to breathe

Being away from the noise has been amazing. The children have loved not being rushed from pillar to post,being able to go for a walk and just take their time to pick up pine cones and see what animals they can see.

I hope I can remember how I feel now when life begins again and take a moment to breathe.

What do you do to unwind? 😘

take a moment to breathe

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