A very special wedding

I recently went to a very special friends wedding and it was as gorgeous and sophisticated as I imagined it would be, so I wanted to share some of the special details with you. It was simple, yet elegant. It didn’t try too hard to be “special” which made it all the more special. The more I looked at the different aspects of the wedding, the more I saw the hours of thought that must have been put into making the entire theme consistent in every detail. From the birdcage table plan to the birdcage used on the tables. From the love heart bulldog clips on the table plan to the love heart drop box frame, wherever I looked I could see touches of the overall theme.

Let’s start by talking about the princess of the day, or should I say queen! The bride looked divine! She wore a traditional white wedding gown with a flowing a-line full skirt overlaid with netting. It had a love heart neckline bodice which was overlaid with lace and gentle dropped lace straps across her arms. Her long dark hair was loosly tousled down her back and she wore a flower headband that matched the flowers in her bouquet. She looked beautiful!

The ceremony was one of joy and laughter, a perfect representation of the couple themselves.

When I arrived at the reception venue I was greeted by a much needed drink, a choice of  Pimms and lemonade, orange juice or a little bit of fizz. Everywhere I looked it had a very Disney/ Maid Marian feeling that filled you with a soft and fluffy feeling inside.

Hung on the wall in the corridor was a birdcage table plan, framed with flowers, for guests to see what table they would be sitting at for the dinner, each table was named after a delicate flower, bluebell, daisy, Lilly and each plan clipped to the birdcage with a love heart bulldog clip. Underneath the table plan was a simply laid table with a ‘beauty and the beast’ style rose under a jar along with a candle and a simple message to all guests, ‘be our guest.’



I love weddings so much. It’s the start of something special, it’s a time that you can unapologetically be all lovey dovey and fairytale and this wedding provided it all. Such a special day for a special couple.

Wedding Favours

Next to the head table was a tree lit up with fairy lights, each branch hanging little packages of sweets. Next to the sweetie tree was a small chalk board inviting guests to help themselves. I loved the little messages the bride and groom left around the room for the guests.  These are the perfect wedding favours for guests because it satisfies guests of all ages. Whatever age you are, who doesn’t love sweets.


Wedding cake and guest book

The decoration on this cake must have taken forever! The colour of the cake matched the bridesmaids dresses. The different tiers of the cake had a selection of flavours including traditional fruit cake and chocolate cake. The icing just melted in my mouth and oh my goodness I could’ve eaten the entire tier myself!

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen my post about the wedding drop box they had instead of a guest book. I for one had not seen this idea before and I was just blown away by it. It is so sentimental and special and something the bride and groom could keep on their wall, unlike a regular guest book that might just gather dust on the book shelf. If you’re interested in purchasing a dropbox just like this, I have teamed up with a company that produces them for a very reasonable price (affiliate link: here) get an extra 10% discount when you use code bella10 at the checkout.


Dinner tables

The centre of the dinner tables housed flowers in a vintage style tea pot over a clean white table cloth, which was decorated with small wooden hearts with the word ‘love’ on them. The birdcage theme was carried through to the tables with each table having birdcage on it with a candle.

I also loved the place names which were simply hung on the back of the chairs.


Head table

The reception room is a large, open plan rectangle room. The head table was located across the back wall, so all guests could see the happy couple and and visa versa, adding to the feeling that we were all celebrating this special day together. Dangling down the wall behind the head table were floating flowers, suspended from a tree trunk. This may sound strange but you can see this detail in the picture below.

I have been to so many weddings and I’d be lying if I didn’t say, that I expect to see the same thing over and over again, but thankfully my friends never disappoint. This was yet again a very individual wedding, with touches and details that I had never seen again.

It was a delight. Congratulations to the happy couple.weddingwedding

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